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Racesafe RS2010 Adults Body Protector

These high quality RACESAFE RS2010 body protectors are the latest design from the parkin hall range, The RS2010 is a high specification body protector which meets level 3 of the newest revised European and Beta Standard.
Designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding rider it is unique in its construction, the independently hinged foam sections maximise comfort and freedom of movement.
A major new feature is the physical restraint on the side adjusters to prevent unprotected areas becoming present,

The RACESAFE RS2010 has evolved from theRS2000 body protector to meet the requirements of the revised European and BETA standard, level 3, the highest level. It is a specification body protector, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding rider.

The RACESAFE RS2010 retains its independently hinged foam sections for a close fit, and uses a laminate of some of the most effective, comfortable foams available.

One of the major new features incorporated into the RACESAFE RS2010 is a physical restraint on the side adjusters, this prevents over adjustment and the possibility of unprotected areas becoming present.


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