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Veterinus Derma Gel 100ml The No.1 for intensive and rapid skincare. Veterinus Derma Gel is an isotonic formulation indicated for intensive and rapid skin care. Veterinus Derma Gel ensures a uniform porous barrier of protection against bacterial attack, foreign contaminants, avoiding desiccation and maintaining an ideal percentage of moisture. Bandaging the affected area is therefore not required. Certified non-mutagenic and devoid of cytogenotoxicity or irritant and sensitizing effect on epithelial cells, Veterinus Derma Gel maintains cell viability to a very high rate and consequently favors a rapid hair regrowth in the original color. Staying where it is applied, Veterinus Derma Gel will not run off the treated surface. Directions for use: Daily cleanse the affected area with warm water or a saline solution, so as to preserve epithelial cells from irritation. Apply Veterinus Derma Gel generously several times a day, as needed. To help prevent skin proliferation, extend application to the surrounding area. When needed, bandage over the gel. After 24 hours, leave surface uncovered as the product ensures a protective barrier (keeping surface moist). Avoid the use of this product on abnormal cell proliferation : warts, ringworm, mud fever,... Ensure cap is replaced after use. Avoid all contact to inside of cap or tip of tube/bottle to prevent product contamination. For animal use only. Keep in a cool dark place away from heat, frost and toxic radiation. Keep out of the reach of children. Veterinus Derma Gel is totally devoid of toxic or prohibited substances. It is safe to use in competition, during gestation and when licked.


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